The board of directors of Silvervault OÜ has decided to close the operations. We expect the closure to be on effect June 2016, until which you may pick-up or sell your silver. Fixings will only be conducted on Thursdays. Thank you for the 5 years together, and sorry for the market turning against us!

is a highly liquid way to invest in physical silver. As a storage provider, we offer the following services:

* Buy silver anytime, anywhere. Payment through a SEPA bank wire transfer. Sell with a mouse click, we will pay you the same day.
* Our fees are the lowest among physical silver dealers and depositories.

Actual physical silver is scarce - only a few grams per person exist in the world. Most "silver" investment opportunities offer a way to speculate on the price of silver, but hold little or no actual physical silver. Silvervault stores the silver balance of each customer in our own full-security bank vault, in the form of international standard coins. You may take delivery of your silver any time. Since 2010, we have provided our services to 800 private and corporate clients, and the vault currently contains about 3 500 kilograms of silver belonging to our customers.



Silverwallet Current Account: For customers wishing to retain the greatest flexibility in the management of their silver balances. Switch between silver and Bitcoin without cashing out? Soon!


Silverwallet Current Account

Silvervault Deep Storage: Setting the standard for low-fee long-term silver storage. Our per annum physical storage goes for as low as 0.24%. Buy and (almost) forget.
Silverchest Accumulation Plan: For a minimum of only € 50 per month, you get to increase your silver holdings at a steady pace. For retirement, emergency stash or for your children.